Software for plastic surgeons, to ease your daily life.

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Benefit from a single partner to facilitate all your digital transition.
Reduce your daily administrative time by 3 hours with our software for plastic surgeons.
Secure your medical data.

Taking care of caretakers.

Each one of our tools has been conceived to help plastic surgeons in their daily life. Sylho is actually the only agent of e-health in Belgium whose mission is to take care of plastic surgeons. We have created an ecosystem that offers you a global solution to facilitate the digital transition safely.

Sylho, is first of all, several software that are customizable and intuitive. They answer to your patient file management problems, your appointment making problems and call management issues via our call center. Thanks to our ecosystem, you can benefit from the creation of websites or even the animated/video conferences on the security of data.

Optimize your administrative tasks with Surgery Manager.


Each administrative task of the plastic surgeon is automated. During your consultations, take notes on your patient with a few mouse clicks. Surgery Manager automatically completes documents that are essential to your practice. It also instantly generates documents such as letters addressed to the doctor, consents, prescriptions, certificates etc.

All of the documents created this way are alterable according to your wishes and printable in just a click! Surgery Manager is the most flexible software for plastic surgeons on the market that truly adapts to your habits.  

In addition, you can add pictures of your patients before and after the cosmetic procedure. And you are able to monitor your statistics, your consultations chronologically and your mail.

Our software is constantly improved thanks to your daily observations and/or remarks. And so with the participation of all of our users and our team, our ecosystem is better adapted to your needs. Over time, you model it to make it the optimal member of your team. This collaborative partnership contributes in making our Surgery Manager software a unique tool in the e-health field in Belgium.

“And One More Thing” you will be able to enjoy from over 100 models of consultation and intervention already shared among our plastic surgeons.

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Benefit from a unique patient appointment making with RDV Manager.

Optimize your patient appointment making in quantity and in quality. With our appointment making software for plastic surgeons, all of your appointments will be made easily and with just a click. In addition, our software will allow you a better management of patient flow.

Synchronized with Surgery Manager, RDV Manager, will help your teamwork by synchronizing for free the calendars/diary of your secretary as well as your anesthesiologist.

Increase your profitability by reducing the patient absences thanks to automatic reminders via text or email.

Enjoy our medical call-center to ensure continuous and efficient appointment making.

Finally, your patients have the possibility of making an appointment free or charge on our website 24/7 according to our availability.

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Showcase your plastic surgery activity

Our solution brings you closer to your patients by creating for your office a high quality website tailored to your needs.

In addition, you will benefit from our expertise in regards to visual communication to conceive a visual identity tailored to your image. To top it of, we increase the visibility of your office with a website reference in every search engines such as Google.

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sécurisez votre pratique médicale

With our software for plastic surgeons, secure your medical - GPDR practice.

With the new medical jurisdictions and the hardening of the conditions of care by the insurers, Sylho is there with you every step of the way. It is therefore important that you have the tools that will allow you to adapt your practice to the rules in force.

It is also thanks to orders of the Branchet office that Sylho has developed software that offers you legal support. During your plastic surgery consultations, you will be able to satisfy the strictest requirements in terms of the securities set up with the GPDR.

With a team specialized in the security of data, everything has been created to offer you the greatest serenity there is. First, with the choice of new technologies that are adapted to your personal needs. Then with the choice of stable technology that Apple offers you. And Finally, with the local storage of your data to avoid hacking as well as the breach in the security of the cloud.

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Described as our biggest strength by all plastic surgeons with whom we work, our after sales service will assure you that you will always be taken care of by a member of our team with a quick and appropriate answer.

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